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Patricia is a published and award winning photographer who specializes in nature macro photography and holds a photography/digital art degree from The Art Institute of Dallas. A native Texan, she grew up on a ranch around all things earthy and wondrous. Her father inspired her ongoing prodigious love for all living things in nature and, through her images, it is her ambition to become a voice for wildlife inspiring a greater awareness for the consequential actions we take which affect our ecosystem and all living things large or small.

Her subjects are often mesmerized by her lens as if they are aware of her creative mission and she is drawn to the rare colors and patterns of nature which are vibrantly represented in her work. As a classical ballet dancer, Patricia finds herself fascinated with the graceful movement of these species which is something she also hopes to convey through her photographs.

"I believe my subjects sense in some way the respect and love I have for their lives and existence so the images I capture are their gift to me. It's a magnificant trade off!"
Patricia Zane Edwards

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